a collection of my photos of Buddhist temples, monks, and statues- so far!

“(My family) and I went together to shoot a Buddhist temple and monastery. The monks were incredibly hospitable, giving us books and water and such. They invited us into the temples and kept saying "shoot this!". Very quickly they realized that I was very knowledgeable about Buddhism. So they invited me and my family in to meet with the overseer of the monastery (I think he's called an abbot). Early on, I realized that I wasn't invited there to shoot, so I put down my camera and engaged in a 2 hour long conversation about Buddhism, monastic life, meditation, anxiety and it was very eye opening. He told me I was one of his favorite visitors and he asked me if I had ever considered being a monk. I told him no, I enjoy a material life and I want a family, which is forbidden to monks. But he also gave me his number and invited me to stay whenever I want for as long as I want.

I walked with monks, and it was beautiful.

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