Jared Wingate, is a famous, professional photographer, Photojournalist and editor with over 13 years’ experience in the photography industry. Mr. Wingate spent 10 years in the music industry as a live stage tour designer, & stage manager in the Kansas City music scene.  Professional Photographer Leo Garcia noticed Wingate's talent, and the eye few possess to make it in the photography industry. Leo took him into his studio to teach him the ins and outs of photographing people. Leo Garcia, describes Jared Wingate as "The Best Photographer in Texas" Mr. Wingate has covered almost every genre in the industry; from Fashion Models; Landscape; Portraiture; Commercial, Macro; Wedding Photography & Long Exposure Photography.  his current passion is in Entertainment Photography, photographing Rock Star's during their live events...  Jared Wingate is also currently photographing for the online e-zine

Jared Wingate lead a completely different life than most people and an extraordinary life at that. Mr. Wingate thinks on a different level than most people. He appears normal on the outside, but don't let the book fool you. Jared Wingate has Autism.. Like  a lot of the people on the spectrum, Mr Wingate also has a couple particular subjects he excels in. Photography & Music. He found a way to combine both of his passions and take it to the limits. Mr. Wingate has had 5 of his images grace the cover of a couple predominate Novel Authors...

Mr. Wingate, Doesn’t Own the Rights to this Music